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Metro TV Indonesia

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Metro TV being an Indonesian personal TV position recognized by PT Press TV Indonesia. (Metro TV Indonesia) is an additional of the Press Team, a media company group led by Surya Paloh, who also operates the Indonesia Press paper. Initially only passed on 12 times a day, the time frame of 1 Apr 2001, Metro TV from transferring for 24 times. Press PT Indonesia obtains authorization to pass on the name “Metro TV” on Oct 25, 1999. On 25 Nov 2000, Metro TV aerials for initially by means of passing on tests in seven places. From start operations with 280 workers, currently utilizes more than 900 Metro TV individuals, mostly in the newsroom and production places.
Metro TV functions frequent details transferring and international development. Thus, Indonesian audiences have one govt position and a wide variety of Metro TV applications to view development on. Programming on the gift route is covered with documentaries, songs, lifestyle and the details, with no advertising and only a bit of international development. The Metro TV offer a variety of regional and international development, with LOTS of professional disruptions.
News transferring is in its beginnings on the personal applications – but the top quality is continuously enhancing. Most advertisements are in the Indonesian terminology. 10 to 20-year-old films and old sequence most important development, offering traditional watching. There are usually British terminology films on several applications each evening.


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