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TPI formally re-labelled to MNCTV, since Oct Twentieth 2010. This modification is done because the TPI does not suitable to the perspective which is written for the MNC TV to be one which takes TV knowledge in Indonesia, and thus the name modified to MNC TV TPI brand in the eyes of social groups, There is also a controversy on the time frame Oct Twentieth 2009, happened bankruptcy judge on this Channel.
Emails professional from the University of Indonesia (UI) Ade Armando evaluates judgment full TPI flaws. Thus, not all people are capable and able to use it, so treatment should be excluded. In this bankruptcy decision, according to age, the company experienced losses not only the general public but were also injured.
MNC TV separated with Station TVRI in the mid-90s. Educational applications were removed, and focus of songs program, as another event known as ‘growing Indonesia’ in his new motto seemed to perish out by the rapid event, Even as short TPI Television Indon is no more legitimate. In the beginning MNC TV Indonesia shares with the state-owned TV route, TVRI. Slowly they decrease the academic objective, with also passed on activities, such as tests and detergent operas as a diversion, These are the honors for the MNCTV that on Nov 2002, the MNC TV provided Indonesian Television Station of the Year in 2002 and Preferred TV Station.


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