Prambors FM 98.4 Bandung

Prambors FM 98.4 Bandung

Radio Prambors FM Bandung 98.4 Online

The primary durability of the Prambors FM Bandung 98.4 is reinforced by on the internet press, cellular (phone) & of air actions. Prambors FM 98.4 Via on the internet press & cell phone, Prambors FM 98.4 could be utilized and streaming at & other public media like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Presently Prambors FM 98.4 is already existing in 8 places, namely Prambors 102 FM Semarang, Prambors 89.3 FM Surabaya, Prambors 98.4 FM Bandung, Prambors 102.2 FM Jakarta, 105.1 Makassar, 99.2 Single, 97.5 Medan and 95.8 Yogyakarta.

Point under consideration:

Buy the current Prambors FM 98.4 magazine structure Adult Modern Strikes Radio, perform easy hearing songs of the 90s era and the starting of 2000 and packed into a new criteria “100% Songs Tasty”. Since 1971, Prambors as #1 stereo in Indonesia for 15-24 youngsters section, AB that prevails to amuse and motivate younger innovative.


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