Radio Assunnah Cirebon 92.3

Radio Assunnah Cirebon 92.3

Radio Assunnah  FM Cirebon Listen Online

Starting from the organization of PT. Radio Reproduction Assunnah Al Islamiyah that is a way of state-owned businesses involved in Radio transmitting solutions. Recognized on Apr 1, 2008 and documented in the Notary public Siti Artati Noveriyah, SH Action No.05. PT. Reproduction  are the suppliers of personal transmitting stereo transmit solutions bermodulasi Call Place with FM Radio FM Assunnah. As the many and more prominent stereo system in the area of da’wah, this cutting-edge is something which contains unusual and exclusive. Place Studio room situated in Cirebon Assunnah Ponpes Complex, Jl.Kalitanjung 52.B Kel.Karyamulya Kec.Kesambi Cirebon. Radio Assunnah Cirebon however, Salma Radio 100.4 FM stereo continues to be with Islamic nuance. FM Radio Assunnah has a unique functions as a missionary stereo. Indonesian inhabitants in common.




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