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SCTV (Surya Citra TV acronym) is a TV position personal nationwide in Indonesia. In beginning May 2013, SCTV formally signed up with. On Aug 24 1990 in Surabaya, East Coffee in the starting the TV was local and SCTV is the acronym of Surabaya Central TV on which first broadcast, with a variety of Surabaya and around places. In 1991, SCTV passed on ray expands reach around places, and for which is an expansion of SCTV modified to Surya Citra TV.
While at Jan 1st 1993 this Station became the National TV at the time equipped with a decree of the Reverend of Information No. 111/1992, SCTV broadcasted nationwide. Day by day, progressively beginning in 1993 until 1998, SCTV Channel shifted its base of operations from the national passed on media Surabaya to Jakarta. Presently, over 47 transferring applications SCTV able of attaining 240 places and attaining approximately more than 175 million potential audiences.
Since Jan 2005, SCTV organization brand name and motto modified to “One For All”.
SCTV headquarters in current time is in the SCTV Structure, Senayan City. The SCTV existing possession group managed by the Top Large eagle Technology by Surya Citra Press (SCM). Since the mid-1990s, which was initially an SCTV RCTI control eventually they split control, On Dec 22, 2011, SCTV won putting in a bid privileges UEFA Winners Team and UEFA Europe Team for the year 2012/13 until year 2014/15. Match UEFA Winners Team started the year 2012/13 will be passed on, while UEFA Europe Team fully broadcasted by SCTV. In mid-2013, formally became SCTV passed on privilege holders Leading Team year 2013-2014 to 2015-2016 with TV Nexmedia.


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