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Trans7 integrated as TV 7 by authorization of the Department of Business and Market, the Primary Jakarta No. 809/BH.09.05/III/2000 whose stocks are mostly possessed. In the time frame of 25 Nov 2001 the lifestyle of Trans 7 TV has been published in the Official Gazette. Change of name and organization logo on Dec 15 2006 (to match with the birthday of Trans Corp is to-5).
Trans 7 TV modify the organization brand name and name to Trans7 after 55% of the stocks purchased by Trans Corp on Aug 4 2006 by changing words into Trans7 TV. Although these changes occur known as keep with the amount 7. Since the location of the organization logo was modified as well, from a position that is usually in the higher left area in the higher right area of the organization logo that can be found.
Trans7 TV Then agreed to work with Trans7 TV because of the lifestyle organized in common by both events, namely the resemblances between vision and objective. Collaboration process also occurs rapidly followed by the Common Meeting of Investors on the same day. Mid-2012, Trans7 Channel has its own development situated in the developing across the Trans7 TV. A building filled Trans7 TV former developing was initially. Then the case is already becoming one of the principal Trans 7 to entice many individuals. Not only stuck, the Trans 7 Channel creative team did not appear sensible to run out of concepts and make an amazing idea. Once the case is now four factors, then turns 7 make a new program that is designed.


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