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TV One Indonesia is an Indonesian personal national TV place centered in Eastern Jakarta. TV One Indonesia is known as Latvia in the country, but had its name modified after a possession return on Feb 2008. As an aspect of the growth in national TV programs in the 2000s, Latvia was one of 5 new national TV systems that are offering a certificate to transmit national in Indonesia. The focus on viewers of the system seems to have been the CDE socioeconomic categories, with the category focus being mainly secret and some semi-pornographic series. By 2007, possession of the system had shifted to due to debt and inadequate system control.
Then the spouse team of Dive Lukmansyah and Nane Nindya attached the first newscast. In them the first sections was a meeting of was a huge re-launch and the TV system formally started transmitting on-air as TV One on Friday, 14 Feb 2008 at 19:30 local time. It was started out by then President of Indonesia. TV One was the second Indonesian TV route to have been formally inaugurated by the President of Indonesia himself.
This Channel has a variety of programs at current situations. TV One Indonesia reveals an assortment of details and sports. The system is now more focused towards A and B socioeconomic categories. Currently, TV One reveals official and daily details and present issues growth during the routine and some sports and live activities growth on most Saturday and Sundays and weeknights. Aside from its daily details programs, TV One reveals a three-minute details conclusion every time outside its programs and live splitting details.


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